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The Benefits of Dog Walking

Regular exercise is both beneficial and necessary for a dog’s wellbeing. 

Regular Physical & Mental Exercise

Taking a trip outside for some fresh air keeps your pet sharp and youthful. Regular exercise is vitally important in reducing the risk of obesity. Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical conditions including cardiovascular disease, liver disease, insulin resistance, and osteoarthritis. As a form of mental stimulation, dogs need to sniff, explore, and use their natural instinct.

Behaviour & Obedience

When a dog’s needs are met, they are far more likely to be well behaved and obedient. Training your pet is easier when they do not feel chronically frustrated. When a pet is able to go outside to do its business, they are less likely to have an accident in the home. Several walks throughout the day is beneficial for calming down a high-energy dog. 

Social Interaction for Mood Improvement

Dogs also are social creatures and need to be around or interact with other dogs and people on a regular basis. When a dog is alone at home all day they may become very lonely. Having a friend or a pet care specialist come by to take them for a walk can improve their mood dramatically!  A trip to the park or a swim in the lake is great for reducing stress and overall mental health. 

As Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer says, "To your dog, your back yard is like a large fish bowl in which they are trapped inside. Fish swim, birds fly and dogs walk. Having a dog should not be about only fulfilling our human needs, we owe it to our dogs, to give them what THEY instinctually need."