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Home Insurance Policy While Away

While away on business or a vacation, many homeowners are unaware that home insurance policies do not typically provide protection if the home is left vacant for a minimum of 30-90 days. The time period is contingent upon the policy. Home owners usually learn this the hard way when being denied a claim for having left their home vacant for an unacceptable period of time. 

There are two ways that this can be avoided. The first is purchasing vacant home insurance, and the second is hiring a house sitting company. 

Vacant Home Insurance

To avoid being denied a claim for having left a vacant home while away, it is necessary to purchase a separate policy in the form of vacant home insurance.  Normally this is done when the home owner leaves for a period of over 30 days. If the home suffers any damage or loss, the insurance provider cannot deny the claim and must cover the damages. 

There are several disadvantages to vacant home insurance: 

1. It is incredibly expensive. 

2. Not all home insurance providers offer it and those that do, do so at a high premium. 

3. This premium is not justified. The coverage provided is scarce and only covers the basic causes-of-loss. Therefore, if there is any damage by a peril not specified in the homeowner policy agreement, then repairs must be paid for by the homeowner. 

Hiring a House Sitter

Hiring a company that provides house sitting services, such as VIP Sitters, is a much safer and cost effective approach. There is far less risk of the home suffering any damage and loss. Our house sitting Service Specialist will patrol your home's exterior and interior to inspect its structural integrity; examining for environmental damage or potential security compromises.  We would be delighted to prevent water damage and ring build up by flushing latrines (toilets) and turning on water taps.  In order to maintain your home's security and lived-in appearance, it is our pleasure to: gather your newspapers, flyers and mail, alternate your indoor/outdoor light, adjust your blinds, set out or collect trash/recycling receptacles, and to water your plants. In the case that the home does suffer any damage or loss while you’re away, your insurance provider must approve the claim and cover the damages. 

Feel free to learn more about VIP Sitters and the services offered. Or, go ahead and obtain a quote! 

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