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Home Boarding vs. Boarding Kennels

Home boarding is the best new development for caring pet owners. Many people have either had or heard of bad kennel experiences. Owners pick up their beloved pets from highly recommended and expensive boarding kennels only to find that their pet has been neglected, fed improperly, or exposed to Bordella, also known as Kennel Cough. 

It’s a given that a pet is much more comfortable in a clean, safe environment with their toys and usual routine. Taking pets out of their home and placing them in a kennel is extremely stressful for the pet and the owner. It also exposes them to other animals and diseases. A pet that is used to being at home given plenty of attention may feel abandoned and lonely in a kennel. 

Boarding Kennels

  • Pets are confined to small pens
  • Pets are exposed to illnesses and diseases such as Bordetella, aka Kennel Cough 
  • Pets do not receive personalized attention
  • Pets are neglected, left alone for long periods of time
  • Pets do not receive sufficient exercise
  • Pets feel nervous, stressed and become cold 
  • Pets do not keep their usual routine 

Home Boarding

  • Pets keep their usual routine
  • Pets stay in their own comfortable environment, or an equally comfortable home-boarding environment
  • Pets receive personalized attention
  • Pets are not exposed to any illnesses and diseases
  • Pets receive sufficient exercise, walks, and play-time
  • Medication is administered as required
  • Pets are fed their proper diet
  • Home boarding happily cater to any personal requests made by the client
  • Pet owners have peace of mind knowing their pets are happy, safe, relaxed, and taken care of with lots of love and attention 

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