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De-Stress Your Pet

There are several ways to de-stress your pet and allow the adrenal glands to recuperate:

1. Remove the Stressor

If the stressor has been determined, if possible, remove it from the pet’s daily routine and environment.

2. Rest & Relaxation

Dogs and cats need 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day. Relaxing music and a pet-massage is beneficial.

3. Diet & Hydration

Feed the pet a healthy diet and make sure it is staying hydrated. Getting the proper nutrition allows the pet to heal and respond well in a crisis. 

4. Herbal Stress Remedies 

Herbal Remedies are very effective in helping a pet coup when a stressful situation is unavoidable. For example, during a car ride when going to the Veterinarian.

5. Reducing Toxins

Environmental toxins are often overlooked as being a form of stress on the body. Toxins come in the form of polluted water and air, nutrient-depleted soils, and pesticides and preservatives in the food supply. A pet’s exposure to these toxins can be reduced by providing them with organic food, filtered water, and taking them for a walk in a park or forest away from the road. 

6. Love & Attention

There’s nothing better than lots of love to help a pet feel better. Make playtime and fresh air part of their routine. Exercise increases the serotonin level in the brain, acting as a natural sedative to calm the pet.

These guidelines will help a pet feel better as long as the stress hasn’t produced any long-term health risks. A Veterinarian can help to determine this.